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The Calafate is situated in the southeast of the province of Santa Cruz at about 3,000 kilometres from the city of Buenos Aires.

It is 185 metres above sea level. It is called “The City of Glaciers” due to its proximity to the various glaciers, of which the Perito Moreno is the most well-known, also considered Natural Heritage of Mankind by the UNESCO.

It is named after a Patagonian thorny shrub that bears yellow flowers in the spring and purple fruit in the summer. According to tradition, whoever eats the fruit of the Calafate always returns to the Patagonia.

As it is the urban population closest to the Los Glaciares National Park –around 78 kilometres- all accommodation and facilities for tourism are concentrated in this small southern village.

The average maximum temperature is 19ºC and the average minimum in winter is -2ºC (below zero). It always gets cooler as night approaches. The longest summer day lasts 21 hours, with the sun rising at 5.30 a.m. and setting at 11 p.m.

Calafate is in the middle of the Patagonian steppe, which accounts for the lack of humidity and the wide temperature range. It hardly rains, which is an advantage when planning a vacation in this wonderful place but a disadvantage to the vegetation, since the lack of water and the strong winds are a setback to the growth of plants and trees. The landscape is arid, rocky and mountainous, marking a chromatic contrast with the turquoise blue waters of the lakes that come from the glaciers and that, due to the remaining mineral sediments –the glacier milk- achieve this exceptional shade of blue.

A tour of the area will reveal the native fauna in its natural habitat, with species such as guanacos, ñandúes or choike (South American ostrich), red and grey foxes, pumas, ferrets, hare and skunk. Among birds, the majestic condor, the eagles and the falcons stand out while water birds such as flamingos, cauquenes, black neck swans and wild duck can be sighted and photographed to perfection in nautical safaris specially organized for this purpose.

On reaching the area of Los Glaciares National Park, only 35 kilometres away, the landscape starts to change its shades of colour and wooded formations of ñires, lengas, notros and guindos can be seen together with flora and fauna characteristic of areas nearing water sources...

Solares del Sur is located at about 2 kilometres from the tourist centre of El Calafate, which allows visitors to move about very easily since the complex provides for all their needs. However, if necessary, taxis are available by request 24 hours a day, which will go downtown at a very low cost.

Being a short distance from the tourist centre, Solares makes it possible to enjoy an excellent view of the Argentino Lake and the Redonda Bay from all the units of the complex.
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