There are two possible ways of access to El Calafate by air.

The first and most advisable one is a direct flight to the new El Calafate International Airport (that includes trips from the city of Buenos Aires).

The so-called “old option” is a flight to the city of Rio Gallegos. From there by Provincial Route 5, which is entirely paved, 316 kilometres are covered up to El Calafate. There are numerous regular services of buses, vans, coaches from local travel agencies and tourist services from other parts of Argentina (mainly Buenos Aires travel agencies). All of them do this 4-hour journey.

Vehicle owners may take National Route 3 and then the Provincial Route.
Bariloche 1,449 kilometres (by Route 40)
It is a highly recommendable route because it allows tourists to appreciate picturesque landscapes since the road borders the Andean range, passing by typical southern villages and several National Parks where the most varied Patagonian natural beauties can be observed.

Some of the villages along this route are:
El Bolson
Los Antiguos
Perito Moreno

The route is mostly made of rubble, even though there are some paved sections and some others are scheduled to be built in the near future.
Bahía Blanca 2075 Km
Buenos Aires 2727 Km
Córdoba 2732 Km
Neuquén 1979 Km (by Route 40)
Puerto Madryn 1388 Km
Ushuaia 863 Km
Viedma 1785 Km
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