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Solares del Sur offers an intimate, cozy room –our restaurant- in which visitors can have an exquisite DINNER while enjoying the magnificent view of the Argentino Lake. They can also have dinner, or the occasional drink any time of the day, in the peace and quiet of the Patagonian environment, essential to a relaxed vacation, away from the stress of big cities.

In addition, visitors may request room service for food to be served in their apart or cabin.

Food service for excursions:
should be ordered the day prior to the trip.

The menu, though based on non-traditional international cooking, has additional typical dishes of the Patagoni an region, including lamb, fresh trout, the utilization of smoked herbs, red fruits, and a carefully selected variety of wines from the different vineyards of Argentina. Without a doubt, this Patagonian style of cooking maintains the essence of delicate flavors and tastes of home cooked food, in both classic dishes and innovative new culinary creations. By utilizing the highest quality of ingredients, the guest is guaranteed the freshest, most flavorful dishes.

Open from 7 PM to 11.30 PM
Closed Wednesday
  • Tomatoes and smoked red peppers cream Soup
  • Hot provolone cheese with argentine sauce
  • Lamb Pot pie with vegetables
  • Grilled trout with toasted almonds sauce and sweets potatoes
  • Patagonic Lasagna with lamb and vegetables
  • Spinach, ricotta and nuts Ravioli (homemade pasta)
  • Dulce de leche Volcano with ice cream
  • Chocolate Marquise Cake, with icecream, and Patagonic red fruits
  • Cup with frozen lemon cream, lemon pie sauce, and chocolate chips
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